Purpose Driven
Work Environments

  • – focused on a 'value for' purpos
  • – human nature oriented
  • – self-organized
  • – effective
  • – lasting

The all new TRUSTbuilder

Increase your teams productivity, engagement and employee retention by the use of anonymous digital surveys.

Our Purpose – Our Why

We provide software for companies and teams to boost self-organized setups and work cultures, creating positive impacts centered on human nature.

  • Many companies and organizations have already taken the first step towards self-organization – the second step is even better
  • We want to support you on this journey and boost your setup or change and make it permanent

  • Businesses today are built around a backbone of IT infrastructure and software that helps manage the organization and distribution of work
  • Today's systems are built around concepts driven by 19th century industrialization
  • We help you build your underlying organizational IT software structures around human-centric ways of working

The Trustbuilder App

Being able to trust the people you work with is important. Companies where employees report having HIGH levels of trust demonstrate
50% higher productivity, 76% higher engagement and 40% less burnout, so it makes sense for companies to find ways to build levels of trust.

How does it work?

  • The team members complete an anonymous digital survey that analyses the different elements that go up to form trust in a team.
  • The trainer receives the results and a template to use for a team workshop (virtual or face-to-face).
  • The trainer guides participants through the workshop and helps them determine what steps they can take to increase levels of trust.
  • The team repeats the survey at regular intervals to calibrate how successful their measures have been in building trust, and what can be done next.

Why do you need hiveOnic and what is it

  • 01 WHY

    - we believe every human wants to create a positive impact and experience fair treatment

    - we believe the organizational setup has to fit the workforce needs - not the other way around

    - we want to support companies and teams to foster their self-organized setup and culture, creating human-centric positive impact - making them even more attractive to digital natives

  • - Software for the organizational operating system

    - Toolkits for humans, created by humans, based on human interaction needs

    - User experience centered design

    - Microservice-based cloud-native modules

  • - Built by a self-organized team with a shared WHY

    - Using our own team self-organization development experience

    - Continuously reevaluating the development fit to our believes / WHY

  • - Self-organized and highly motivated believers

    - Software professionals

    - Innovators making the best use of digital technology


What we deliver

Your path with our product

  • We build tailored software modules for your organization
  • We support your modern work methods, and improve the well-being of your employees and your business

Our dream

  • We keep building different modules with customers to create a software framework for modern work environments
  • In doing so, we hope to improve the well-being and effectiveness of employees as well as create a positive impact on your business

Product Modules

Maximum Flexibility through a modular approach

Modules included in our software product are Organizational Purpose and Setup Visualization, Support for Decision Making in teams using various methods as well as flexible Work Distribution between teams, Communication, Knowledge Generation and sharing within and across the teams, implementation of Modern Payroll methods. The modular character of the software based on the microservices cloud-architecture technology provides flexibility for custom-fit software for the specific needs of a team/group/company.

Our Team

Self-organized and highly motivated believers - Software Pros - Innovators making the best use of digital technology

Fabian Schulz

Industrial engineer with a strong background in software development.

Fabian is a profound expert and a believer in human-oriented software design and its modular architecture.

Zurab Magradze

Highly experienced e-governance and business development professional.

Zurab is a digital technology thought leader and trust creating business development pro.

Giorgi Ediberidze

Information technology pro with hands-on experience in modern leadership.

Giorgi is an experienced people positive leader with a broad knowledge in IT technologies and projects.

Let’s shape the future together!

Do you share our beliefs and would like to get involved?
We are looking for someone like you to create the roles below in our team.

FrontEnd Developer

  • Experience: ≥ 3 years
  • Python/Java/Kotlin/Swift
  • Distributed-working setup

BackEnd Developer

  • Experience: ≥ 3 years
  • Setup distributed SW-development
  • Cloud-Engineering / Microservices
  • Containers, SQL/No-SQL

UX/UI Designer

  • Experience: ≥ 3 years
  • HTML / CSS /JavaScript
  • Wireframe tools (e.g. Adobe XD)
  • project references

SW Architect

  • Experience: ≥ 3 years
  • Microservices / Continuous delivery
  • Reactive systems / Cloud native architecture
  • project & product & teams references


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